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Surrey Training Hub is now supporting its PCN Education Teams with the PCN Clinical Learning Environment process. This is to accredit each PCN as a combined learning environment, approved by NHSE to take students and qualified professionals in primary care training (including foundation and speciality training doctors).  Benefits of completing this process are:

  • One off process to accredit, streamlined paperwork.
  • More possibilities with pooled capacity and supervisors; shared responsibilities (inductions/timetables/tutorials etc).
  • Improve retention of “home grown” staff who can be developed
  • Positioned to take advantage of future opportunities that will be targeted to approved PCN CLEs.
  • Additional support for QI and meeting PCN targets
  • Facilitation of best practice, celebrating what you already do that works.
  • Sharing burdens of teaching/training whilst diversifying the learner experience.
  • Focus your training at PCN level:  What do staff do you need to deliver to meet the needs of your patients.

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