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Our mentoring and coaching offers are currently under review. Please refer to Health and Social Care Academy for their offers.

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Schwartz Rounds

Schwartz Rounds are a healthcare staff intervention that run in over 250 healthcare organisations in the UK.  Recently they have been expanding to the HEI sector and we were one of the first universities to start offering them to our students. Our Rounds are intended to support students and newly qualified healthcare professionals to deliver compassionate care by providing a safe, confidential space where sharing and reflection on the emotional, social and ethical challenges faced at work is encouraged by trained facilitators.  They are intended to help improve caregiver wellbeing and ultimately patient care by supporting staff/student empathy and compassion. The premise is that we are more able to make personal connections with colleagues and patients if we have insight into our own responses and feelings.

Confidentiality is agreed by attendees when signing up to attend a Round, with a reminder at the start of each Round. Students are reminded that details of the stories or storytellers’ identities are never shared, including during any reflection (written or verbal) after the Round.

Those who have attended Rounds report them as supportive spaces, allowing time and space for reflection on some of the challenging aspects of being a student or challenges encountered in practice. Students report feeling less alone and that it really helped “to see there are others in the same boat”. Others suggested it is, “an opportunity to take time out from "everyday" stuff and take a step back to think on a deeper level of how we are affected by our work roles”.  We hope you can join us.

These links will show you films explaining more about Schwartz Rounds:

University Schwartz Rounds – University of Surrey (

Understanding Schwartz Rounds

Each Round is facilitated by two trained facilitators, and will start with 1-2 individuals telling their story, followed by opening the space up to the audience to share their thoughts, reflections, and stories. Each Round lasts for 1 hour followed by an optional 30 minutes of social space.

Click to view the poster with a link and with QR Code to join.

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