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The fellowship is a great support for new Practice Nurses. It provides you with initial training and then you have a support group and mentor to go to when in need.
– Previous Fellow Participant

Fellowship programmes are typically 2 years with an explicit focus on working within and across a Primary Care Network (PCN). Fellowships offer support with Primary Care Network (PCN) portfolio working and learning and development, supporting professionals to take up substantive roles, understand the context they are working in and become embedded in the PCN, as well as increase and maintain high levels of participation in the primary care workforce.

The fellowship programme offers various benefits as a learner, including funded mentorship and funded CPD opportunities of one session per week (pro rata), and rotational placements within or across PCNs to develop experience and support transition into the workforce.

Please see below our various fellowship offers:

GP New to Practice Fellowship

Open for all newly qualified GPs within their first year. Designed to help Surrey practices attract, recruit, develop and retain staff. Funded by NHSE, this 2 year scheme aims to support newly qualified GPs transitioning into a substantive post in the Surrey Heartlands area.

What Does the Scheme Offer?

  • 1 funded session per week (based on 9 sessions a week WTE or pro rata if not full time)
  • ICP learning sets (First Five)
  • Balint style groups
  • ICS learning sets
  • Mentor/coaching sessions
  • Self directed learning time
  • £1000 additional bursary money for CPD in 2nd year
  • Supported learning environment
  • Smooth transition from learning to work
  • Opportunity to network with other newly qualified GPs in the area
  • Peer support

Benefits to Practice:

  • A Salaried GP rather than a locum.
  • Commitment to 2 year employment by newly qualified GP.
  • Funding to support time to learn for each new to practice GP. Based on actual salary plus 30% uplift for on-costs.
  • Flexible to fit in with practice.
  • Involvement of newly-qualified GP with QiP and practice development.
  • Support with recruitment and improved retention of committed energised newly-qualified GPs to support the practice team.
  • Grow your own future GPs – in house professional development to meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Access to external education programme tailored to meet newly-qualified GP needs.
  • Job satisfaction for GPs in current practice team in providing mentoring/developing as mentors.
  • Access to mentor development programme.
  • Networking and sharing of best practice.

Please apply by following this link or email Surrey Training Hub for further information.

General Practice Nurse (GPN) New to Practice Fellowship

The Benefits

  • A 2-year fully-funded scheme
  • A supportive transition into primary care
  • Portfolio working
  • Funded learning time for 1 session per week (pro rata)
  • Access to supervision and peer support
  • Funded place on a university course to complete Fundamentals of Care module
  • Access to up to £1000 bursary in the first year for additional clinical skills and £1500 in the 2nd year towards a course on a long-term condition

Who is Eligible?

Open to all newly qualified and new to primary care GP Nurses within their first 12 months. The nurse is required to hold a substantive post in primary care to be eligible for the scheme.

Please apply by following this link or email Surrey Training Hub for further information.

GP Academic Fellowship

In 2023/24 we are pleased to offer four GP Academic Fellowship posts, one for each Place within Surrey Heartlands. We are currently offering two respiratory and two dermatology posts, however, we will consider any other speciality you might be interested in.

This programme offers GPs an opportunity to combine a clinical role with funded professional development. Consequently, they may develop:

  • New and innovative service models which impact and improve population health
  • Ways to use skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for primary care outside of the traditional practice boundaries
  • New knowledge, skills and competencies. For example in critical appraisal, leadership and the use of quality improvement techniques
  • An increased understanding of system leadership, clinical skills and knowledge related to population health

What does it mean for you?

  • An opportunity to develop a special interest and be supported with protected funded time to study.
  • You will work as GP in a substantive post in practice for 4-6 clinical sessions per week.
  • 2 sessions of protected funded study to work on your postgraduate diploma.
  • A maximum of £18,963 (excluding on-costs) to allow you sufficient time to undertake professional development, including relevant portfolio work that supports the academic qualification.
  • Up to £5,000 to support academic programme course fees will be paid directly by NHSE to the University.
  • The opportunity to do additional roles within the PCN /Trust/ Place / ICS taking on clinical or leadership roles. Previous fellows have taken clinical fellow roles at acute Trusts to gain experience in their chosen specialism, have taken PCN leadership roles in frailty, acute, diabetes hubs or have taken Place-based leadership roles as examples.

Who Is Eligible?

  • You must hold a license to practice.
  • You will have undertaken sufficient clinical work and attended NHS appraisals to maintain your registration on the National Performer List within the two years prior to application for the scheme.
  • You must commit to the locality for 3 years from the start of the fellowship.
  • You must demonstrate at interview how you see the GP Academic Fellowship sustaining your future commitment to front-line local General Practice and local strategic priorities. 
  • Additionally, GP Academic Fellowship should show impact on local or national priorities. This will include supporting areas of deprivation in their areas’ GP recruitment and retention.

Please apply by following this link or email Surrey Training Hub for further information.

Multi-professional Fellowship

Who is it for and what does it provide?

  • ALL clinical staff new to Primary Care who are not eligible for the GP or GPN Fellowships
  • 12 month rolling programme
  • The programme is designed to supplement any other roadmap/pathway staff are currently on
  • It supports transition into primary care
  • Funding for CPD time and action learning sets
  • Fellows can access all of the programme or just the parts they feel are relevant to their development
  • The fellowship is designed to be supportive, flexible and bespoke to the individual
  • Up to £2000 funded learning time to allow for release from practice (pro rata)
  • Up to £1000 additional funding to be put towards relevant courses to support development

Please apply by following this link or email Surrey Training Hub for further information.

GP Development Funding

The GP Development Funding is designed to support retention and prevent burn out. GPs can apply for funding for a course that supports the development of a clinical or leadership interest where there is a patient/practice/ PCN/ ICS need for that skill set. The successful candidate will receive up to £1000 towards an approved course and cannot apply again for three years.

The successful candidates will:

  • Be a salaried GP/Partner in Surrey Heartlands
  • Not already be in receipt of funding towards a clinical/academic fellowship
  • Have identified a course at an HEI or approved institution applicable to NHS patient care
  • Demonstrate how developing the clinical/leadership interest will support the priorities of the local health system and patient care
  • Agree to use the skills they develop during the fellowship to support the education of colleagues
  • Use their newly acquired knowledge and skills to carry out a quality improvement project

Please apply by following this link or email Surrey Training Hub for further information.

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