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Continued Personal Development (CPD)

Continued Personal Development (CPD)

Due to currently unconfirmed budgets for the new financial year 2024/25, we are unfortunately not able to guarantee funding for CPD applications where proof of payment cannot be provided by the end of March 2024. We have worked hard to be able to provide this offer to all staff up until now, prioritising and utilising legacy funding which is not recurrent. We are hopeful and continuing to work hard to ensure an ongoing, equitable and sustainable offer for our workforce and ask for your patience whilst we endeavour to confirm budgets. You may have previously been advised that your £1000 CPD allocation could run over 3 years until 2026 however it is not clear whether we will receive any further CPD funding from NHSE going forwards and therefore we apologise for any misinformation. However please be reassured that we will continue to prioritise supporting this provision as soon as we know more and we will update you all as soon as we are able.

Application Process for all funding

Any funds allocated are intended as a contribution towards furthering personal and professional development within Primary Care, and should be in conjunction with the employer’s contribution to CPD.

Click here to see CPD Guidance.

Please apply here. Please see the note in the panel above before applying.

Funding for advanced practice

Advanced clinical practice opportunities, such as those mentioned below, are usually accessed through Health Education England commissions which are advertised by the Surrey Training Hub.

  • Advanced clinical practice pathway (ACP)
  • Non-medical/independent prescribing (NMP/IP)

If you are interested in undertaking an advanced practice opportunity, please contact us and express interest. However, if you would like to undertake only a single module to extend your practice, such as advanced physical assessment, then please apply for funding as described above.

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