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Protected Learning Time (PLT)

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PLT was introduced by Surrey Heartlands ICB and the Surrey Training Hub recognition of the need for general practices to have protected time to access and carry out essential training to support the great work that they do.  The practices close for the afternoon, with closure cover provided.  It is not mandatory, and in the past some practices have remained open. However, we encourage participation from the entire primary care workforce at these training events and will tailor training topics appropriate to both clinical and non clinical roles.

Why have Protected Learning Time?

  • To improve patient care by providing dedicated learning time away from busy surgeries and other day-to-day primary care work
  • To provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn about new clinical developments, updates to national guidance, and best practice, whilst also sharing their own experience and knowledge with their peers both virtually and face to face
  • Include provision of non-clinical staff training to ensure they are equipped with the right skills and tools to manage the environment in which they work
  • To improve the overall retention, resilience and morale of the Surrey Heartlands primary care workforce by training them in the skills to plan, manage and implement changes confidently and with agility.

Application Process

There are three different levels of PLT, including:

  • Place based (formerly ICP) which takes place twice a year on pre-arranged dates (no application required)
  • PCN PLT, which takes place twice a year on pre-arranged dates (no application required)
  • Practice PLT, which are for individual practice closures. Each practice can have 2 PLTs per year and must follow the application process

Practices are encouraged to promote the date of their closures well in advance to raise patient awareness.

Last minute cancellation fees incurred from Practice Plus will be payable by the PCN (less than 10 working days). Practice plus cover for PCN PLTs are fully funded by Surrey Heartlands ICB.

For more information, including Place based and PCN PLT scheduled dates, contact information and to make an application for individual Practice PLT, please click below.

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