Protected Learning Time (PLT)

PLT was introduced by Surrey Heartlands CCG and the Surrey Training Hub to recognise the need for general practices in primary care to have time to access and carry out essential training, to support the great work that they do.  The practices close for the afternoon, with systems in place to deal with anything that arises during the afternoon of closure.  It is not mandatory, and in the past some practices have remained open. However, we try to ensure maximum participation from the entire primary care workforce at these training events, and to encourage a collaborative approach.

Why have Protected Learning Time?

  • Improving patient care by providing practices, PCNs and ICPs with dedicated learning time away from busy surgeries and other day-to-day primary care work in all four ICPs
  • Providing opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn about new clinical developments, updates to national guidance, and best practice, whilst also sharing their own experience and knowledge with their peers both virtually and face to face
  • Provision of non-clinical staff training to ensure they are equipped with the right skills and toolkits to manage the environment in which they work
  • Improving the overall retention, resilience and morale of the Surrey Heartlands primary care workforce by training them in the skills to plan, manage and implement changes confidently and with agility.

The CCG ensures that a robust application process is in place, with easy to follow guidance, and an adequate service contingency is in place to protect local systems from any impact the Practice closures may cause.  Through contracting additional resource from Practice Plus you can ensure all calls to primary care are triaged and that domiciliary visits can be undertaken during core hours. In addition, each practice will need to identifiy a Duty DR who will be available in the unlikely event that Practice Plus are unable to manage demand.  Practices are encouraged to promote the date of their closures well in advance to raise patient awareness.

The PLT programme will involve the following closures on an annual basis and is for the benefit of both the clinical and non-clinical workforce. The PCN PLT’s are divided into PCN clusters which greatly reduces the number of closures taking place at the same time throughout the year. Below is how the PLT sessions are programmed throughout the year:

2 x Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) level (13:00-18.30)
2 x Primary Care Network (PCN) cluster level (13:00– 18.30)
2 x Individual practice level (13:00–18.30)

The SHCCG, GP Tutors, PCN Educators and the Surrey Training Hub team work closely together to provide educational content for these events.  Throughout the year, themes, topics, trends and feedback after each event is considered when it comes to the designing of the training programme for each PCN and ICP PLT.

Surrey Heartlands covers 4 ICPs, and each area has a GP Tutor and a Practice Development Lead (PDL) who will host the ICP PLTs in their area.


GP Tutor


Surrey Downs

Naomi Bennett

Currently recruiting to post

Guildford &Waverley

Felicity Smee

Currently recruiting to post

East Surrey

Njaimeh Asamoah-Osuwu

Currently recruiting to post

North West Surrey

Liz Nuttal

Currently recruiting to post

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Surrey Heartlands is made up of 25 PCNs, each has its own PCN Education team. The PCN Educators host the PCN PLT events.

East Surrey ICP



PCN Educator


  • Birchwood Medical Practice
  • Smallfield Surgery
  • Wayside Surgery

Anita Raina

Care Collaborative

  • Greystone House
  • Wall House
  • Moat House

Terri Lovis

North Tandridge

  • Caterham Valley
  • Elizabeth House
  • Townhill
  • Warlingham Green

Mohsin Asharia


  • Hawthornes
  • Holmhurst
  • Woodlands Road

Tom Woodward

South Tandridge

  • Lingfield Surgery
  • Oxted Health Centre
  • Pond Tail

Kerstin O'Connor


Guildford & Waverley ICP



PCN Educator

North Guildford (GRiPC)

  • Dapdune
  • Fairlands
  • Guildowns
  • Woodbridge Hill

Mohammed Hadid

Guildford East

  • Austen Road
  • Horsley Medical Practice
  • Merrow Park
  • Shere Surgery
  • St Luke's Surgery
  • Villages Medical Centre

Sarah Jackson

East Waverley

  • Binscombe
  • Cranleigh
  • Springfield
  • The Mill
  • Wonersh


West of Waverley

  • Chiddingfold
  • Grayshott
  • Guildford Rivers
  • Haslemere
  • Witley



North West Surrey ICP



PCN Educator

West Byfleet (WBU PCN)

  • Madeira Medical
  • Parishes Bridge
  • Wey Family Practice



  • Chertsey Health Centre
  • Crouch Oak
  • Ottershaw Surgery

Njaimeh Asamoah

WHAM (formerly Weybridge & Hersham)

  • Church Street
  • Fort House
  • Hersham
  • Rowan Tree

Stephanie Pepper


  • Ashley Medical
  • Red Practice
  • White Practice
  • Yellow Practice

Kalum De Silva


  • Shepperton
  • Studholme
  • Sunbury
  • Upper Halliford

Dave Gill


  • Fordbridge
  • Grove Medical
  • Knowle Green Medical
  • Packers
  • Orchard Surgery

Linsey Leach

Spelthorne (formerly SASSE 3)

  • Hythe Medical Centre
  • St. David’s
  • Staines Health Group
  • Stanwell Road

Diljit Bhatia

WISE1, 2 and 3







Wise 1:

  • Chobham & West End Medical Practice
  • College Road
  • St. Johns Family Practice
  • Pirbright Surgery

Wise 2:

  • Hillview
  • Maybury
  • Southview
  • Sunny Meed

Wise 3:

  • Goldsworth Park
  • Heathcot
  • Sheerwater

Kirsty Bower


Surrey Downs ICP



PCN Educator

East Elmbridge

  • Capelfield
  • Esher Green
  • Glenlyn
  • Littleton Surgery
  • The Grove (formally Lantern Surgery)
  • The Vine Medical Centre
  • Thorkhill

Nazila Toumadj


  • Brockwood
  • Dorking Medical
  • Leith Hill
  • Medwyn

Chris Monella

Bansted Healthcare

  • Heathcote
  • Longcroft Clinic
  • Nork Clinic
  • Tadworth
  • Tattenham

Nicola Kirby

Integrated Care Partnership

  • The Cox Lane Surgery
  • Fitznells Manor Surgery
  • Stoneleigh

Anthony Egboh


  • Ashley Centre Surgery
  • Derby Medical
  • Fountain Practice
  • Shadbolt Park House
  • Spring Street Surgery
  • St Stephens House
  • Stoneleigh Surgery

Rachel Graville


  • Ashlea
  • Cobham
  • Eastwick Park
  • Fairfield
  • Molebridge
  • Oxshott

Victoria Churchill

All primary care practices are encouraged to participate in the ICP PLT. The agenda is created by the GP Tutor and PDL and a uniformed approach is taken to share one agenda across all 4 ICPs, therefore, the topic, the speakers and the content is all the same and the attendees adapt this learning to their practice, patients and their area. The practice closes for the afternoon to provide the opportunity for all the workforce to attend. Practice plus cover for ICP PLTs are fully funded by Surrey Heartlands CCG.

In order to support economies of scale PCNs are encouraged to organise their closures in clusters based on their geographical proximity to each other and overall list size.
The GP Tutors will propose dates for these cluster closures and confirm there are no clashes with other PCN activity on the proposed dates to maximise attendance. All practices must agree to participate in the closure for the date to be accepted.
These dates are also checked with the CCGs Primary Care Workforce Development Manager and Heads of Primary Care.
Last minute cancellation fees incurred from Practice Plus will be payable by the PCN (less than 10 working days). Practice plus cover for PCN PLTs are fully funded by Surrey Heartlands CCG.


Each practice in primary care is given the opportunity to close for a Practice PLT. This enables the practice to design an agenda that is bespoke to the practice needs. Allowing for the team to come together and share the experience together.

The application process has been simplified over time to ensure that it is not a time consuming process.  Practice Managers receive a pre-populated one page document 6 weeks prior to the PLT and included in the application form is clear and easy to follow guidance to ensure your PLT is hassle free. 
Application submissions are to be emailed to:

Should you have any questions regarding PLT i.e., not received your PLTs agenda? Or do not have visibility on future PLT dates, please email: