Health Inequalities

Health inequalities are avoidable, unfair and systematic differences in health between different groups of people.

See: The King's Fund. Health inequalities in a nutshell (2021)

See: NHS England Definitions for Health Inequalities


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Menu of evidence-based interventions and approaches for addressing and reducing health inequalities

NHS Confederation

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Health Creation Alliance

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NHS Providers
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Beyond the data : understanding the impact of Covid-19 on BAME groups (2020)

Good Things Foundation
Health inequalities and digital exclusion

Health Education England

Centre for Mental Health

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Health inequalities

RCGP Increasing uptake of vaccinations for vulnerable groups of patients (2021)

eLfH Health Literacy

The Health Foundation Podcast Episode 11: We are what we eat: Food, health and inequality – with Anna Taylor and Sarah Hickey (2021)

MIMS Learning Health inequalities in primary care

FairHealth (Charity that offers education and training to health professionals to reduce health inequalities)

Patient Safety Learning Health inequalities

Social determinants of Health: professional development course:

Outreach Library Service can identify, collate, and summarise evidence for you, to inform your clinical practice, patient pathways and professional development. Library & Knowledge Services

NHS website

Good Things Foundation Learn My Way (free digital skills courses)

Public Health England

Public Health Outcomes Framework

Atlas of Variation

Wider Determinants of Health

Inequality Tools

Collection - Health matters: public health issues

Collection - All Our Health: personalised care and population health (updated 2021)

Health inequalities: place-based approaches to reduce inequalities (2019; updated 2021)

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Our work on health inequalities and access to care for different groups in society

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Evidence hub: What drives health inequalities?

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