16 October 2018

Surrey County Council launch new care and support information and advice resource for health professionals

Adult Social Care at Surrey County Council has recently launched a web-based resource to support GPs, other health professionals and information providers with consistent and relevant signposting to information about local care and support options in Surrey.

The care and support information and advice resource has been compiled in response to a gap identified by the Health and Wellbeing Board and also to help improve our universal information and advice service as part of our local action plans. It includes:

  • options on how to refer residents with care and support needs;
  • a wide range of health and care links to help you to support residents;
  • details about statutory duty compliance strategies and action plans;
  • training resources to develop your care and support skills; and
  • ways in which you can help residents to get involved in local health and care services.

Over 30 GPs, GP network co-ordinators and primary liaison managers were contacted for their views and input into the materials. The response was very positive, and a number of suggestions were taken on board to make improvements.

“It is a very comprehensive guide that I as a GP and other health care professionals would find very useful. It combines all the relevant information that would be easily accessible. I cannot think of adding any more information to this guide at this point. Thumbs up from me!”

The resource has now been published via the Surrey County Council website, and is available within the resources for professionals section, within the Adult Social Care pages: www.surreycc.gov.uk/careinformationresources

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